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Job Burnout – The Unpublished “Sunday” Remedy…

May 27th, 2008 | Burnout | 1 Comment | Written by admin

What You’re About To Learn: The “Sunday Remedy” to kill any job burnout before it even starts!


> Lying on your couch
> Pathetic TV series in the DVD player
> Unshaven, Unshowered (maybe even smelly)
> Beer cans lying around
> Half empty box of cold pizza (maybe even some wings)

What I just painted is a picture of what Hollywood has taught us to recognize as “pathetic” or a “loser.” Our minds are trained to think of a person doing those things as being depressed or unhappy.

Well, I have shocking news for you…I don’t agree!

Have you ever actually TRIED to just lounge for one day and do the very things you’re taught to discipline yourself not to?

A carton of haagen-dazs? A large pizza? Or anything that requires no thinking, lounging on a couch and laughing.

“Burnout” can be horrible and should be taken very seriously – VERY seriously. It not only makes you feel like crap, it leads to loss of motivation, loss of ambition and many times into quitting.

Of course, some times burn-outs are very serious and extend past the reach of cheap, short home remedies – but if you can catch it in time, the “Sunday Remedy” may be all you need!

The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and at the edge of a burn-out, try the following steps (I know this will be funny and make no sense, but it works – trust me)!

The “Job Burnout” Sunday Remedy…

1. Take a Sunday off - Cancel EVERYTHING, no family time, no friend time, no lunch date/dinner date – nothing at all. Plan to not even SEE anyone.

2. Buy 1 Season of a TV series you like (I enjoy HBO’s Entourage) – This should end up being about 15-20 hours, more than enough. Make sure this is a show you really like or have been excited to watch. If it’s a show that frustrates you or bores you, the “Sunday Remedy” won’t work.

3. Grab a bottle or wine or some beer – If you don’t drink, just get some soda. I think it works better if you get something “unhealthy” that actually tastes good – this is not the day to think about diet or healthy eating.

4. Pizza/Wings/Hoagie or something like it – Speaking of diets, make sure to line yourself up with some great food. My personal favorite is pizza or wings. I also surround myself with chips.

5. Comfortable couch – Very important that you be comfortable, fix up the right temperature in the room, comfy couch, blanket, whatever it takes.

6. Unplug the phone – CRITICAL. You are not to answer the door, entertain friends, answer phone calls. The minute you do this, the entire remedy is at risk.

7. Sit on your big BEhind :) Yes, that’s right, just sit there, eat, drink and watch your TV show (knowing that you’ve got hours and hours of it on DVD).

This is probably the most confusing post I’ve made to date right? It feels weird that I would actually advise something like this. All I can say is that “don’t knock it before trying it.”

The very thing that Hollywood depicts as depression and “loserish” – I am going to be bold enough to say that it can be the best feeling in the world while being incredibly refreshing – try it!

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