Put Away Your Ego And Learn…

Here’s a confession: A few months ago, I used to be incredibly impatient with new courses and books. I convinced myself that they’re “all the same.” I actually started to think that “I know it all…”

I never watched videos, I didn’t read new books, I didn’t buy new courses…rather I sat there and “smack talked” them, putting them down and making myself feel better.

Then…one day…a question came to me…

“Why is it that these guys are all making so much more money than me?”

You see one of my good friends (no names) was making it VERY big online all of a sudden, his business was blowing up. Mine, however, was growing steadily but not seeing nearly the growth that he was (but still great).

I really started to think about the difference between us and here’s what I learned…

–> This guy was in MULTIPLE mastermind groups and even paying $15,000 a year for one of them.

–> He bought and read EVERY book and course out there.

–> When others spoke, his slick mind LISTENED and IMPLEMENTED…

That Day I Made A Decision…

I decided that I’m going to listen more and open my mind (again). The days I used to have the fastest growth were the days that I took in ALL the training I could get!

Now, I have to admit, it hasn’t been easy. I still have that voice inside my head that tries to get me to stop and go about doing my own things. And, yes, 90% of what I read/watch or spend time learning, I already know.

However, let’s face it:

A) It’s great to hear things again and get a refresher. Sometimes it’s just the right timing.

B) If all you even get is the 10% – DEFINITELY worth it!

Today, I watched a 20 minute video I’d never watch in the past…

It had NO CONTENT, it was just a pure promotion. But, I learned more from watching it than most content based videos I’ve watched in the last year.


Because I got tremendous value out of just seeing HOW they are promoting their next product. I was impressed and already have tons of ideas flying around for my next project.

Lesson for the day: No, you don’t know it all (I don’t care who you are). And stop looking to learn from things that are “revolutionary” – if all you get is ONE good tip from something, it’s worth it’s weight in gold!

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2 Responses to “Put Away Your Ego And Learn…”

  1. Jarret Says:

    Some great tips in the post.

    I am still very much in the learning stages when it comes to selling things online. I started affiliate marketing back in mid May and although I have not had any huge success yet (I am actually still in the negative) there have been so many things that I have learned.

    I spend quite a bit of time reading blogs and watching videos trying to soak up as much as I can. Which to some degree could be a waste of time and could be better spent actually trying things out instead of reading about them.

    But I have learned a few things that I never would have thought about from some of the top affiliates. There is just so much out there and so little time in the day that it is hard to balance between learning and doing.


  2. Find yourself with a smile... Says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

    It is also priceless to continue going back to basics over and over again. Personally, there are numerous audio courses that I go back and listen to at least a couple of times a year even though I’ve heard them at least 20 times already… every time I listen again I learn something new (something I missed before), and I re-inforce the material even deeper.

    Our ego would lead us to believe that we have it ‘all figured out’, but the greatest achievers in any field continually approach their art with a beginner’s mind (complete openness to learning)… no matter how long they have been practicing… there is always more to learn!

    Great post!

    keep smiling,



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