Mind Aerobics – Changed My Life In January 2004…

What you learn today: The one “CD set” that I think has changed my life over and over (at least 8 times that I can count)…You can try it for FREE – Click Here…


Mind Aerobics - Changed My LifeAlright before you think I’m one of those “self help weirdos” – hear me out. I also never bought into the whole “self-manifesting” or the “hypnosis” type exercises – thought they were blatant scams.

Then, in January 2004, not sure what encouraged me try Mind Aerobics (Try It For FREE For 30 Days), perhaps it was pure desperation and exhaustion of failure?

I bought the main CD set (the first of their many levels – Mind Aerobics 1) for just $79.95. The first day it came in I decided to pop it in to my CD player right before bed (you have to use headphones with this)…

Can You Commit Just 20 Minutes A Night Before Bed?

For a better mind, more prominent self-manifesting, clearer thoughts, more creativity and not to mention much better sleep…can you commit just 20 minutes every night?

The main workout is about 20 minutes short and I recommend using it before going to bed.

Unfortunately, in my experience, I have not always been very disciplined about using it. Even when I initially started it, even though I had amazing results, I quit after just 2 weeks (laziness). Then, when things got bad again, I re-started it and again, things got much better within a few days and AGAIN I’d quit in a couple of weeks…

I’ve played this game for 4 years now and I’m finally making a strong commitment – I will NOT quit this time.

So What Happened In January of 2004?

Basically I had spent a year online trying to make some money and everything was failing, one business failed miserably after spending 6 months on it! I was down and didn’t know what to do.

I *think* a friend referred me to Mind Aerobics to help me clear my mind. Click Here to try Mind Aerobics for FREE for 30 Days…

I started the sessions right in the MIDDLE of getting ready to launch a new site. Long story short, a week after starting Mind Aerobics, I had made more money in ONE night while sleeping ($300) than I had made in the past YEAR put together.

Yes, I give 100% of the credit to Mind Aerobics, I feel very strongly about that.

After that in the following 60 days I ended up making over $10,000! But, unfortunately, since at that time I felt that all the success was because of “me” and not some “stupid cd” I quit doing the program…

2 months into it business was slowing down again and I decided to give Mind Aerobics another try.

No joke, within 3 days I closed a Joint Venture with a big person in the industry and went on that year to make over $100,000+ thanks to that relationship. However, until recently, I can’t say I learned my lesson – I kept quitting and starting and quitting again.

By now, I’ve started and quit Mind Aerobics easily 8 times (purely out of ego initially and also laziness). I can tell you that EACH time I start it, I see an immediate impact and I always know it’s really because of Mind Aerobics.

Why I Recently Started It Again?

I had not used it for another year because “I’m so busy” but recently my head was in a major fog. I was having a hard time figuring out what to do next. I randomly came across Mind Aerobics on my shelf and decided it was time to re-start.

I listened to it before going to sleep, the very next morning I woke up with a “GENIUS” idea of what to do next.

Coincidence? I think not…

I’m not letting it go now – literally so many GREAT things have happened in the last 2 weeks, I’m NOT STOPPING THIS TIME.

Mind Aerobics is the most automated way to “attract good luck” that I’ve ever seen…

It Hypnotizes You!

The coolest part about using Mind Aerobics is that it works just how they say it will and it actually hypnotizes you (safely).

First – You start by relaxing your body and clearing your mind. It’s important that you LET your mind wander wherever it goes, DON’T give it any direction, just act like you’re taking a seat and watching the show.

Second - You may get some weird sensations – it’s perfectly normal, they actually feel good.

Third – Many (like me) will end up dozing off – this is the hypnosis part. The creator of the program told me that some don’t doz off, but you’re STILL hypnotized.

Unlike other hypnosis programs, this one does not require ANY concentration – the music in the CD does it automatically.

Fourth – You wake up right before the end. I never seize to be amazed by how I can fall into DEEP sleep, but I always wake up right around the same point in the CD (because the music is meant to wake you up).

Fifth – Put it away and go to bed. That’s it.

You don’t have to even think about it, it just works. Listen to it and put it away.

3 Different CDs Serve 3 Different Purposes…

At their website, you’ll find TONS of different options, they have specific ones for “finding love” or for “losing weight,” etc… I’ve never used any of those, I just do the main workout.

What I’m told is that the main workout (the CD I listen to every night before bed) is all-encompassing, it all just depends on what’s the most important thing on your mind that day.

The set that I recommend right away – “Mind Aerobics 1” is a set of 3 CDs. Through this exclusive deal with IwillFIGHT.com – you can try it for FREE for 30 days!

1. Main Workout – Listen to this every night, it’s literally like a gym for your brain. The more you listen to it, the more calm, resolved and “lucky” you get!

2. Stress Release – This is also an amazing CD I pop in any time I am stressed. It’s not as long and by the time I finish, I am completely stress free and can think straight again.

3. Super Focus – Are you having problems FOCUSING during work time? Pop this CD into your computer, grab some headphones and you’ll turn into a working machine!

I get 3 times as much done with this CD – no joke, I’m not exaggerating even one bit.

Based On Holosync Technology…

Here is an excerpt directly from the Mind Aerobics website that discusses what Holosync is…

“The principals of Holosync are based on scientific research first published in a 1973 paper in Scientific American called “Binaural Beats in the Brain”. The author, Gerald Oster, further developed the technology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, followed by more pioneering work at research centers such as the Monroe Institute, Menninger Clinic and Centerpointe Research Institute.

Simply put, Holosync uses precisely engineered tones to stimulate the mind, in turn creating different combinations of alpha, theta, and delta brain wave patterns. The result is a number of positive changes in the brain…”

You can read much more at the website, it’s truly amazing technology – definitely has me convinced, over and over…

Listen, if you really want to increase your “luck” and start attracting a much better life while getting your head clear and about to think – invest the $79.95 and try Mind Aerobics, and yes, they have a money-back guarantee…!

Try Mind Aerobics For FREE for 30 Days – This is an EXCLUSIVE Deal with IwillFIGHT.com Only!  Click Here Right Now…

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13 Responses to “Mind Aerobics – Changed My Life In January 2004…”

  1. Amit Says:


    My wife and I liston to the holosyn meditation CDs everyday. I’ve been doing it for over a 1.5 years consistently and getting amazing results.

    Check out : http://centerpointe.com/

    This is the BEST personal growth program in the world as far as I’m concern. Mindaerobics is actually the basic version of the full meditation CDs, which has 12 different levels you progress through over 10 years (I’m on level 3).



    Fighter reply on May 27, 2008 5:09 pm:


    I’ll check that out as well. I’m pretty addicted to Mind Aerobics though!



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  6. Art Says:

    I ordered Mind Aerobics 2 weeks ago. According to the website the order is still processing (my card was charged 2 weeks ago). I have called the customer service line and talked to some airhead woman who didn’t seem to know anything and told me she would leave a message for someone who could view my order, 3 days later still have not heard anything. WTF? How am I going to take anything serious from such a shady operation as this? What a total waste of time and money for this P.O.S.


    Fighter reply on August 16, 2008 3:24 am:


    Im forwarding your complaint directly to the owner. I assure you there is some explanation, hes a great guy and will take care of it…



    Allen reply on August 16, 2008 11:48 am:

    I apologize for your not getting your Mind Aerobics order by now. I assure you we will make it right. Our website always indicates an order is “processing” even after it has been sent… It is most likely on its way. But even if it is lost we will certainly replace it. Please contact us at support@MindAerobics.com so we can assist you directly.
    Be well.


  7. Art Says:

    Please post my follow up e-mail to the folks at Mind Aerobics. I am such a jerk sometimes…

    Mr. Koss,
    I owe you an apology. Without going into the gory details yesterday was pretty much a perfect storm of problems. I had a vendor completely drop the ball leaving me with no product for an event that represents 1/3rd of my companies income. They promised me it was shipped Fed Ex overnight (yet lost the tracking#), the product arrived today and it was sent 2nd day, our event was last night. Thursday night my garage was broken into and the thieves made of with my prized mountain bike. After calling your customer service line and speaking to a very nice but not helpful at all person I thought I had been scammed again. I guess it is safe to say I over reacted.

    I am deeply sorry for posting my misguided frustration on the site IWillFight.com and for any damage it may have caused your reputation. If anything this speaks to my need for something to help me achieve more clarity and focus. The mailman just dropped of your package and I am going to listen to the CD’s as soon as I send you this apology.

    Best Regards,


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  10. hannah Says:

    Hi there,

    Thought you might like to know that mind aerobics actually uses the SAME technology as Holosync. Actually, they are licensees of the holosync technology…So the underlying stuff is the same.

    I have Holosync, but I have yet to really commit to it. This article has inspired me though.



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